Barry W. Klein, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist   
Child / Adolescent / Adult Dr.Klein - Curriculum Vitae

68 Essex Street
Millburn NJ 07041

Specializing in Autistic Spectrum Disorders:

High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, PDD-NOS.


Focusing On:

- Behavior Improvement

- Development of play and interaction

- Development of social skills and friendships

- Functional and cooperative family living

- Self awareness and self esteem

- Post high school planning

- Developing young adult relationships

- Co-morbid diagnoses of OCD, ADHD anxiety and depression

- Siblings living with an autistic spectrum child

- Couples and family issues

- Parenting skills


Dr. Klein is a psychologist in private practice in both Manhattan and Millburn, New Jersey. Prior to being trained as a clinical and school psychologist, Dr. Klein was a teacher of autistic children and a supervisor / program director for the League School in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Klein has also functioned as a trainer of teachers while a professor at the College of Staten Island and at St. John's University. Additionally, Dr. Klein has held the position of clinical director for the Eden II School and has consulted for several schools in the metropolitan area that work with spectrum disordered children.

As a psychologist for more then twenty five years, Dr. Klein has continued to work with families of spectrum disorder children and adolescents. In addition, he treats spectrum disordered adults who are trying to achieve or maintain their independence, create a social life for themselves, and succeed in the working world.

For a more detailed description of Dr. Klein's practice please visit his Psychology Today Profile


Additional Specializations In:

-ADHD, Behavior Disorders

-Anxiety and Depression

-Divorce and Adoption


-School Consultations


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